I’m Sarah, a content writer and blogger from Toronto.

I write about time and money because time and money are the main resources you need to create your dream life. And life design is what I’m all about.

My articles lay out the steps involved in wealth-building and time management, so you can set your goals in motion today.

Now, you may have seen my work on Craft Your Content, The Financial Diet, or the blog.

But did you know I also write for businesses?

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Business Services

Has your company blog gotten stale?

Is your brand messaging confusing — even to you?


Blog Writing: I can freshen up the most dynamic page on your website. My posts engage your audience, so they keep coming back for more (and buy what you’re selling)!

Content Ghostwriting: I take a look at inconsistencies on your website. Then, I zero in on the most effective messages and re-work everything else to match.

Specializations: I have a special passion for solopreneurs and small business owners! If you need to craft or clarify your mission statement, I can ensure that your audience understands what you’re all about.

Think we’ll be a good fit?

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