About Me


The Basics

Hey! My name is Sarah, and I’m a writer and musician from Toronto.

I write articles about achieving long-term goals by managing time and money. 

I also write content for businesses to energize their blogs and increase their audience engagement. Clear communication is my passion — with some personality sprinkled on top.

I hold a B.A. from the University of Toronto and a M.F.A. in Creative Writing from The New School, with a concentration in poetry. My poems explore how environment and place impact the formation of identity and relationships.

Besides writing, I teach piano, listen to Drake on the 501, and hang out by the lake as much as possible.

The Biz

I write content for businesses that want to provide more value to their online audiences

Why value?

Well, in recent years, Google has been channelling SEO towards high quality content, not just well-positioned keywords. 

Of course, having strong keywords is important. But what’s more important is creating content that is:

  • readable

  • information-packed

  • actionable

  • engaging

These are the qualities I focus on in my writing

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The Blog

Ever since I was a child, I’ve had a strong vision of what I wanted my life to look like. 

I’ve made some unconventional moves in order to go after what I believed in -- including dropping out of high school and homeschooling myself to advance my piano teaching career. 

I see a lot of my peers struggling to make confident choices and pursue their dreams. They lack the inner belief, the financial means, or the emotional support to really go for it. 

This frustrates me because we all have a purpose and value to offer this world. We all deserve to design our lives in a way that lets us show up and deliver. 

I write about goal setting and life design to give other millennials a template for following some of their “crazier” dreams -- like having (a lot) more money, becoming self-employed, or following an unconventional career path. 

Check out the blog to see what I’m talking about.